Boys Don't

The award-nominated Boys Don't was a spoken word show touring the UK in 2017/18, in association with Half Moon Theatre and Apples and Snakes South East, funded by Grants for the Arts, Arts Council England.

The production was live-streamed from the Kate Tempest-curated Brighton Festival in 2017, and was a finalist in the 2018 Offies (Off West End Theatre Awards) for Best Production for Young People.

The show featured (in repertory): Justin Coe, Hadiru Mahdi, Tanaka Mhishi and Steve Tasane, spoken word artists who drew on their own experiences to look at personal, social and cultural issues that affect boys' ability to express their feelings. The show was targeted at mixed audiences, offering follow-on discussion and workshops exploring wider issues of gender role stereotyping and the impacts on all young people, as well as exploration of the spoken word and performance poetry artforms. 

Directed and conceived by Rosemary Harris. 

Scriptwriting session
In rehearsal
Performance at Half Moon Theatre