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Cockroach Crackers

Posted on May 04th 2021

My monkey is eating cockroaches again.

Squatting on the floor of the room she believes is a cell, in the furtive light of corners, she chews on what scuttles past. She is quick to snatch up the insects and they are good and resistant, good to the teeth, their caparaces unyielding and bitter, before she cracks into the pulp. The legs need to be chewed and chewed. Swallowing them is...   Read More

Swallowing a Stone

Posted on Apr 02nd 2021

I dreamed again last night of murder. I was the murderer and I was among the people trying to escape his killing intentions. I woke terrified, my heart thumping wildly to drive my escape.

There is no escape from where I am now. The pandemic has finally locked me in with myself and I think of a quote from the gnostic Gospel of Thomas (left out of the Bible), that I felt the truth...   Read More

The Same

Posted on Oct 15th 2020

'If you could live your life all over again, with everything exactly the same, would you?'

I asked my grandmother this question one afternoon, as we walked along the streets near our home. I remember looking up at her to see her response. I was around 10 years old. I don’t remember where we were going.

‘No,’ she said, with barely any hesitation...   Read More


Posted on Aug 31st 2020

Friends have asked me throughout the lockdown, “Are you writing?”

My most recent answer has been, “I'm trying to write about why I’m not writing.”

But then I haven’t been writing that either. I’ve been not writing about why I’m not writing for a long time. Truth be told, I haven’t written anything for years, not...   Read More